Healthy Eating on a Budget: Grocery Outlet

Let’s talk about the “expensive cost” of eating healthy and the beauty of bargain shopping. I don’t have just one store I buy all of my groceries from because there’s places I know I can get cheaper deals on. I have a lot of love for my health food stores, but when I find some of my favorite health brands or staple foods at other stores for half the price (sometimes more), well hello! The store you shop at doesn’t always matter when it’s comes to eating healthy especially when they carry some of the same products.

That’s why Grocery Outlet is where it’s at! Their NOSH (natural, organic, specialty, healthy) aisle blows my mind every single time with some of the high quality products and brands they carry.

⚠️FAIR WARNING: Always check the expiration dates. The reason why some of these products are so cheap is because they’re getting close to their sell by dates. Some grocery stores even have so much overstock that they aren’t able to keep these foods on their shelves for much longer. Thus, food will also get passed down to the Grocery Outlet, for example, before officially being tossed.

Also, a sell by date doesn’t always mean your food is bad. In fact, while volunteering at Feeding America, I saw mass piles of packaged foods with expired sell by dates in the warehouse. I even saw some odd shaped produce we probably wouldn’t reach for first in grocery stores, but the food was still perfectly fine to eat. Some grocery stores donate their “expired food” to Feeding America so that the volunteers of this amazing nonprofit organization can put together food packages for people/families dealing with hunger as a step closer to solving this epidemic our country faces (Let alone, the rest of the world).

Now I’m getting off topic, but my point is that you can find so many healthy options at stores that you might not think of first. Also, if you’re saving money while doing it, well you just proved my other point and that is eating healthy on a budget can be accomplished.

Let’s take a moment to admire these prices so you can see what I am really talking about!


PRO TIP: Items are constantly being changed in the store. If you see something you like, I suggest you buy it or even stock up on it! There’s a possibility the store may not carry it the following week. For example: Chosen Foods avocado oil and for a third of the price. Oh HEY!

These bags are huge! Plus, organic frozen veggies are always nice to have stocked up in the freezer.


California sprouts for $1.99!

And well, I’ll just leave this here for you to sit on. Do I really need to post any more price comparison pictures?


To find a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market near you, go to the store locator on their website:

Happy healthy bargain shopping!

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