Tapping into your Inner Child for Sanity

By definition, “The inner child is a person’s supposed original or true self.”

Before I started the inner work, not only did I need an attitude adjustment, but I continued to learn that I needed to do more than that. I realized I was letting go of many of my own joys as I was entering adulthood. Naturally, I felt lost in who I was. When I started to make the swaps, I began to ask myself, “Who am I exactly and what do I enjoy doing?”

In that moment, I found that I didn’t know who I truly was until I gave myself permission to slip back into childhood play. This was during a time when I sobered up to try and find my reality. It was tough! I’ve lost some friends while also having a very hard time make new friends along the way.

However, letting go of drinking at the time was necessary because it really forced me into finding my joys again. It initiated my journey to self love. It made me recognize who my true friends were and now, I have gratefully attracted more amazing people into my life.

In the process of it all, I began to have flashbacks of the activities I used to love as a kid, so I went with the flow of my flashbacks everyday. Eventually, I began tapping into my creative side and I found the courage to start Omegan-3 on Instagram.

Some of my other joys unrelated to work include:

    Dancing my heart out.
    Throwing myself into nature.
    Swimming in bodies of water.
    Riding my bike.
    Playing in the sun.
    Getting barefoot in the sand and grass.
    Exploring my favorite music.
    Moving my body in ways that feel good.

These are just some of my examples, but the list goes on. What might work for me, might not work for you, so I encourage you to explore yourself! It’s so simple that it’s almost unbelievable. I can’t make this stuff up.

As we grow up, sometimes we lose sight of our personal interests which stems from our inner child. It completes who we are as individuals. It keeps us sane. Finding our own joys outside of our programmed schedule is super important in reconnecting to who we are. If any of this relates, don’t slip away baby! The world needs more of your charisma.

Love, Megan

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