Megan Goddard has been a mover for most of her life. Her passion for movement began at a young age when her parents enrolled her into dance class at two years old. Practicing, performing, and attending workshops became an everyday part of her life in one way or another while growing up.

Megan turned towards the health and wellness industry while in search of an exercise routine that she could enjoy, not only physically but mindfully as well. She came across Pilates and fell in love as she was immediately drawn to the mix of lengthening, strengthening, alignment, breathwork, flow, and coordination that came along with it.

With everything Megan has learned and everything she continues to learn, she has a bigger passion to share it with others. Megan is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher comprehensively trained with 450 hours. She is a certified Barre instructor as well, which ties even closer to her dance background. She believes it is such a fun and upbeat way to move your body!


Pilates and Barre are both low impact exercises. However, don’t underestimate the power! Prepare to potentially experience the burn and shake — It’s only because you will be tapping into deeper and smaller muscle groups which don’t always receive love.

With proper form, both workouts pack a big punch in results to supplement you and your lifestyle. The Pilates method promotes a stronger spine and pelvic floor because each exercise has a strong emphasis on moving from the core. Increasing stability and alignment is how we also begin to find our center!

Megan’s group classes are designed to bring a variety of exercises to maximize your session for a full body workout. Musicality is a fun force in her classes, but overall, she encourages others to flow to the rhythm of their own body!

Private sessions are focused specifically into your individual goals. New to Pilates and looking for a personal intro session before jumping into group classes? Have an injury, but still want to exercise? Want a one hour Pilates class specifically designed for you? Please inquire via email!